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Divisions of the Psyche - Solo Exhibition

Vision, speech, and thought are central to how we perceive ourselves and our sense of place in the world. But if loss begets trauma, how does the body respond in relation to these functions that are so closely tied to our identity? Our trauma can sever our connections to the way we communicate with others, see ourselves, and our mentality around intrinsic beliefs. This loss becomes the catalyst for the divide of the psyche, our innermost self. 


The artist has created three-segmented self portraits and one self-standing sculpture, illustrating her journey and the ways in which loss has altered her connections to her own functions of self-perception, mentality around life, and the verbal ways she communicates trauma. Through the self-evaluation of her own life, she plays with the effect of these divides through the lens of race, grief, weariness, and resiliency. These works reveal the ways in which the body adapts to cope with what people have experienced and to cultivate compassion and understanding for those who are feeling divided themselves. - Victoria Walton

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